Saturday 27th  April 2019

CLUB COMPETITION  1st Nett: Dermott Bonner     (11)      35pts.  2nd Nett: Michael Walker     (15)      34pts.BOT  Gross: Marty McGinty            (7)       27pts.  3rd Nett: Albert Brown           (13)      34pts.BOT  Competitors 70     CSS 69

Wednesday April 24th 2019

Remembering Betty Carr sponsored by  The Carr family 1st Nett:   Christine Johnston 42pts 2nd Nett:  Kathleen McGowan 40pts 3rd Nett: Anne Glancy 39pts BOT   Category Winners: Anne O’Meara 39pts Bridie Faulkner 38pts Eileen Boyce 38pts  

Tuesday 23rd  April 2019

MEMBERS COMPETITION  1st Nett: Patrick Carr              (18)      41pts.  2nd Nett: Denis Grindel         (21)      40pts.  Gross: Barry Farmer                (5)       32pts.  3rd Nett: Martin Lynch           (13)      39pts.  Junior Prize: Joey O’Hora       (19)      42pts.  Competitors 50     CSS 66

Sunday 21st  April 2019

MEMBERS COMPETITION 1st Nett: Barry Allan              (11)      42pts. 2nd Nett: Tony Fullen            (11)     40pts.BOT Gross: Sean McBride            (7)       32pt Competitors 47      CSS 67

Saturday 20th  April 2019

MEMBERS COMPETITION 1st Nett: Savio O’Neill                   (24)   40pts.BOT 2nd Nett: Fergus McMenamin   (13)   40pts.BOT Gross: Sean McBride                      (7)      31 pts     3rd Nett: Trevor Robb                   (16)    40pts.BOT Competitors 97      CSS 67

Tuesday 16th  April 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Michael Kelly          (10)       45pts. 2nd Nett: Cathal McGee       (15)       40pts. Gross: Michael Curran          (5)        32pts. Junior Prize: Joey O’Hora    (22)       43pts. Competitors 44        CSS 67

Ladies Results

Wednesday 10th saw the launch of the 2019 season with a 9 hole While Elephant Comp.   There was a very good number of contestants who gathered again at 8.00 to listen to a talk from Emma Naughton a student at  L.Y.I.T  on Fitness for Golf which was very well received.     The Jnr. Foursomes team travelled to Bushfoot in North […] Continue Reading


Sunday 14th  April 2019 Kindly sponsored by Early Birds 1st Nett: Barry Farmer          (6)        41pts. 2nd Nett: Keith French         (18)       39pts.BOT Gross: Martin Dillon            (10)       28pts.  3rd Nett: Johnny Moore       (14)       39pts.  Competitors 60        CSS 67

Saturday 13th  April 2019

GENTS EASTER HAMPER Kindly sponsored by Alice Bonner 1st Nett: Mark McConnell        (18)     42pts. 2nd Nett: Michael Kelly            (11)     38pts. Gross: Paul Henderson            (9)       26pts. 3rd Nett: Jim McHugh               (19)     37pts.BOT Competitors 62        CSS 67

Tuesday 9th   April 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett:  Leo Gallagher              (17)   44pts.BOT 2nd Nett: Martin Mongan          (19)    44pts. Gross: Lorcan Donnellan          (6)     30pts. 3rd Nett: Larry Kelly                  (20)    40pts. Competitors   51        CSS 67