Sunday 7th April 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Mitchell                                 ( 15)      41pts.BOT  2nd Nett: Thomas McMenamin     (6)      40pts.  Gross: Michael Curran                     (4)       31pts.  3rd Nett: Desmond Kelly                 (17)     […] Continue Reading

Big win for B&S Ladies

B&S Ladies win the Donegal Shield for the first time since 2003. Christine Johnston led the way with a wonderful 38 pts followed by Bridie Faulkner with 36 pts & Darragh McGowan with 34. The weather was wonderful & the B&S team were leaders in the clubhouse from early in the morning but managed to hold their place to clinch […] Continue Reading

Saturday 6th   April 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: John Burke            ( 25)      39pts.BOT  2nd Nett: Gerard McGee     (14)      39pts.  Gross: Barry Farmer            (6)       32pts.  3rd Nett: Michael Kelly       (11)     38pts.BOT  Competitors 61        CSS 67

Sunday 31st   March 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Mark Reilly                  ( 9)      44pts. 2nd Nett: P J Fitzgerald            (16)      41pts. Gross: Ryan Griffin                     (0)       38pts. 3rd Nett: Desmond Kelly          (17)     40pts.BOT Competitors 69        CSS 66

30th   March 2019

Ladies Results 1st  Bridie Faulkner 32pts 2nd Sharon Moloney 31pts BOT 3rd Darragh McGowan 31pts

Saturday 30th   March 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Conor Sheridan          ( 15)     45pts. 2nd Nett: Alastair Henderson  (16)      43pts. Gross: Barry Farmer                    (6)       35pts. 3rd Nett: Owen Grant                   (21)      41pts.BOT  Competitors 37        CSS 66

Tuesday 26th   March 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Bernard Foy               ( 28)      42pts. 2nd Nett: Patsy Callaghan       (22)       40pts. Gross: Conor Henderson        (14)       26pts.BOT Competitors 37

Sunday 24th   March 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Paul Finn                 ( 16)      40pts. 2nd Nett: Owen Grant          (21)       38pts. Gross: Ryan Griffin               (0)         34pts. Competitors 46

Saturday 23rd   March 2019

CLUB COMPETITION 1st Nett: Bernard Foy              ( 28)      43pts. 2nd Nett: Pauric McGeehan   (14)       42pts. Gross: Barry McMenamin      (6)        30pts. 3rd Nett: Patsy Callaghan       (22)       41pts.  Competitors 61

Monday March 18th

    Champagne Scramble with Ladies & Gents. 1st Michael Scanlan, Darren Burke, Owen Gallagher & Bernard Foy    99pts 2nd  Liam Lafferty, Mickey Ferry, Joey O’Leary and Paul Finn              93pts Ladies  Anna Dillon, Ann Sweeney, Deirdre Kelly and Stephanie Canning Freddie Stewart of Fred’s Golf sponsored a prize which was raffled and won […] Continue Reading